The CAPX team consists of debt experts, innovators, technologists, engineers, designers and marketing professionals.

CAPX was designed to be a technology-first solution to complex financial problems. We believe that traditional methods of communication, analysis and collaboration limit the efficiency of capital markets. Digitization allows us to overcome network and proximity-driven inefficiencies by leveraging the best available resources.

At CAPX, we practice what we preach: we are a fully-remote organization, 100% leaning into the benefits of tech-enabled platforms that allow us to work with the most talented individuals and make a meaningful impact on how capital markets function.


Having spent nearly two decades in the debt capital markets (GE Capital, Wells Fargo), Rocky Gor knew there had to be a better way.

Rocky witnessed the inefficiencies that constrained borrowers and hindered their ability to secure debt capital. He also experienced firsthand the difficulties lenders faced when originating the right kinds of deals to suit their risk preferences.

The sad truth is, so many viable deals slip through the cracks because the right borrowers aren’t getting in front of the right lenders.

This is why CAPX was created.

Our mission

  • Greater transparency
  • More access
  • Increased efficiency
  • Helping capital seekers and capital providers reclaim their most precious resource: time.



We are hiring

We are always on the lookout for exceptional talent.

If you’re eager to join an innovative FinTech platform in any of the verticals mentioned above, reach out to: careers@capx.io with your background and resume.